About Us

Welcome to the KODAK Digital photo frame collection!  

The world has come a long way from the times we restored all our pictures  in a bulky    paper/plastic album. These days, whenever you take a photo it   either stays untouched   on your device's hard drive, goes up on social media, or sometimes you get it printed.          KODAK digital picture frame makes sure that your favorite memories are always on          display and are not left unseen on   your smartphone.  

Through a Global Licensing agreement with Kodak, Maxtalent is proud to  manufacture    and sell KODAK branded digital photo frame products.

Since 1888, Kodak has encouraged everyone to become the storytellers of  their lives.  It   is our belief that every person is inherently creative. With  some, this inner creative is full of confidence. While others need a bit more inspiration. This philosophy continues today with products designed to  foster the creative impulse in us all.

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Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Hongkong, Maxtalent is a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics and household products. Maxtalent also has offices   in China, USA, Germany and United Kindom; warehouses in    China, USA, UK, Germany, and Japan; and distribution partners in USA, UK,    Australia, France and China.  

Maxtalent offer a broad range of electronic products including digital  photo frame, audio products , tablets, air humidifier and aroma diffuser     etc.  We also manufacture product under private label for major retailers. We will      continuously to refine and innovate products to ensure be a  premier            provider of consumer electronics that meets and exceeds the    consumer    demands in this constantly changing market.


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